A camel is a horse designed by a committee

Long live the brave

If you want to become an innovative, value-creating organization, there is only one way. It is not simple, and it has many risks – but also a great reward for those who succeed.

It is about individuals. Individuals who dare to think differently. Who dare to question. Who are stubborn and not afraid to surprise. Individuals with Courage.

When we see all the different assignments the agency has had over the years and think about who really made a difference, they have a common factor: Someone has shown courage.

When we, as external consultants, meet new clients, they are in the first stage often thinking positively about change and development. ”Dare to think big and challenge us!” is something that clients often say. But as the process progresses, various objections to the changes start to appear, which can prove to be challenging within an organization.

It may be that ”No, but that’s not how we do it in our industry!” to ”What would our customers say?” – or, maybe, ”That is not us.” And of course, there can be many good, rational arguments for different opinions. The risk is that you – in a spirit of consensus – instead of creating something new or different, flatten out the transformation,

Many of the arguments are really about something completely different. When you are challenged, for real, and the ”surface tension” risks breaking – when everything is at its peak; then you are forced to take a stand if you dare to do something differently.

It also means a risk – for the individual, for the team, for the management who may be left with the shame if things do not work as expected. The individual perspective, ”How does this affect my career?” is often more central than anyone wants to admit. To be the one who breaks the ”surface tension” requires something extra.

And that’s Courage. Long live the brave!

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