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Strong brands are more profitable

The foundation of strong brands is spelled Trust. By acting consistently in your marketing, you build trust with your target group.

We help companies become more profitable by creating long-term robust brand concepts that give a clear image of your brand – regardless of whether it is on your website, in campaigns, at fairs, or internally in the organization. Increased trust in the brand leads to increased profitability in sales. Do you want to know if we can help you?


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The key to success when building strong companies and brands is a deep understanding of the target audience. How do they make their decisions? What, and who, gets them to act? When are they ready to do business?

Edenvik listens carefully and digs deep to understand the driving forces of the target audience. The result is the basis for launching a clear communication strategy and a distinguishing BrandConcept™ that increases the value of your offering.

From Strategy to Execution.

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Our offer.

Strategic support
Based on the company’s strategy and business plan, we identify areas in which clearer communication can help to effect change and achieve faster growth. We are often used to provide support to management by contributing a communication perspective.

A strong BrandConcept™
A discriminating BrandConcept at the center promotes greater efficiency and clarifies what is in line with the strategy. Fine-tuning the concept over time, while still maintaining its core, provides a long-term accumulated effect and an intangible asset that competitors cannot copy.

We are a full-service agency
We are used to handling a variety of inquiries and topics. The key is to reach your audience with great brand experiences – where ever they are.

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