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About Edenvik.

We create concepts that change and strengthen companies – from Strategy to Execution.

Edenvik wants to help more companies to thrive with the help of strategic communication. We help business leaders build values ​​that change the business and help it to evolve, in order to more effectively achieve its goals.

In our work, we listen carefully, dig deeper and understand more. This approach enables us to create concepts that change the future.

Facts about Edenvik:

Founded 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden, the company has been around longer than most. Our curiosity and our refusal to become complacent are the keys to our success.

ISO-certified for quality [ISO 9001:2015] and the environment [ISO 14001:2015]; for us, ISO means continual development. How can we achieve even higher quality? What can we do to minimize our own environmental impact and that of our clients? These relevant questions drive our ISO efforts. Read our business policy here.

AAA at Bisnode – proof that it works – that’s how we view our finances. The only acknowledgement that really counts is our clients who appreciate our services – without them we are nothing. And our solid finances demonstrate that we are on the right track.