Our Tools.

BrandStatus™ – gives a snapshot of challenges and opportunities

BrandStatus is available both as a workshop and a digital tool, to be used with the whole business or separate parts. In BrandStatus, the digital version, you can compare the internal view of the company – between business areas, regions or countries. BrandStatus is also available as a workshop for the management to provide a quick overview of where the brand/business stands today in the competition, emphasizing operations/communication. An excellent way to start a dialogue about areas that can be strengthened by communication. It also usually provides interesting insights about strengths and weaknesses that otherwise are unseen that a management team can capture and act on.


Brandblanks™ – an intelligent AI-based qualitative survey tool

How do people actually perceive your brand? What do they love, and what is missing? Brandblanks is a powerful, qualitative survey tool, providing a smart AI solution, capable of analyzing large volumes of open-ended questions. Brandblanks offers a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter by avoiding bias in how questions are formulated that affects how responders reply. It helps you identify the gap between what you believe your audience thinks about your brand – and what they really do.


BrandAnalysis™ – understand the brand awareness

BrandAnalysis is a quantitative survey tool to understand brand awareness and associations compared to competitors.


BrandCompass™ – gives a visualization of how your brand is perceived

BrandCompass is a digital tool that can be used internally/externally to understand how a brand is perceived. It gives a visualization in 8 dimensions: Role Model, Challenger, Analytical, Premium, Dominant, Authentic, Reliable or Entertaining.

It gives an insight into how your brand is positioned compared to your competitors and which paths can be most successful in strengthening your position.

Brandspace™ – a social intranet solution to build cohesiveness

Brandspace is a subscription-based cloud solution to create a strong internal culture through collaboration and sharing of all kinds of information; Posts, news, activities, documents, policies, etc.

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