This is how we do it.

Edenvik Strategic Communication is a full-service communications agency focused on building distinguishing BrandConcepts, creating great Brand Experiences, and guiding long-term Brand Development. Established in 1989 and with extensive experience in local, regional, and global communications.

It’s not one or the other

You have to embrace both. Hence, we operate in the borderline between the advertising and management industry, focused on increasing brands/companies’ value through communications. Our understanding of how the online presence adds value to brands/companies’ long-term strategy is a key to success.

Understanding is the foundation of great ideas

We believe that an in-depth understanding of a brand, a market, an industry, and target groups is essential to create a solid BrandConcept. You don’t have to agree; you can shoot from the hip. Sometimes it works. But we are convinced that if we base our creativity on knowledge, the likeability to success is significantly higher.


Where do ideas come from?

If you simplify the answers from scientists trying to explain how creativity works, they say something like this:

First of all, you need to reach knowledge saturation at the issue – to feel that you know what you need to know.

Then you need an incubation period, time to let it sink in – or sleep on it. They can’t explain in detail what is happening in our minds, but we need processing time to be able to get to the final stage; The Creative Leap. The moment you know you have it, the Eureka moment – Problem Solved! The process is universal; it doesn’t matter what you do. We all have Eureka moments.

This is what builds our perspective on creativity in our industry. We need to reach knowledge saturation to be assured that we can deliver a Creative Leap. We don’t want to fire from the hip. For us, this is the key to ideas – or distinguishing BrandConcepts that is the core idea of our business proposal.



What’s the connection between knowledge and ideas?

We are confident that we can deliver change, and a pyramid can visualize how knowledge and ideas are connected. The larger the knowledge base is, the higher value of the ideas. That’s why BrandTrail is the basis for everything we do. BrandTrail helps us listen more carefully, dig deeper, to understand more. That’s where we feed great ideas and develop differentiating BrandConcepts.


BrandTrail™ – the BrandConcept™ platform

To build a distinguishing BrandConcept, our assignments start with BrandTrail. This is our process which lays the foundation to a solid platform from where we create a distinguishing communications concept – a BrandConcept. It is the start of a journey that involves management, stakeholders and can be tailor-made to collect input from a whole global organization.

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