5 tips for a Creative culture

Much of the culture embedded in organizations has been there for many years. And what is deeply rooted takes time to change.


The question is, what is the strategy for organizations to become more creative? Five things are crucial, and in this order:

Think outside inside the box. Create a framework for new thinking and define when, how, to what extent, which individuals/groups, and what contexts you are allowed to think freely. To say that there is no framework is not credible.

Culture that rewards. Walk the talk. Work consciously to anchor a culture that encourages the odd and what may not always succeed – within the above framework. It means that – from the top, and top management – you must speak and act according to these frameworks. To give encouragement and support when needed and ensure that rewarding systems do not disadvantage – but rather benefit – those who create something new. Even those who fail within the framework,

Courage and integrity. It is absolutely crucial, in addition to the above points being in place, that there are individuals willing to fail. Individuals with the courage and integrity to propose uncomfortable solutions to achieve something more than what they have today. Who dares to go against the expected conventions and take a personal risk to win something more prominent.

Bang boom crash. Just doing a little more of what you have done before is seldom the way to real success. It takes a surprise, something new that you have not thought of before, to make an impression. To dare to break patterns. To do something that has unforeseen consequences, by seeing things from a new angle or placing something familiar in a new environment. Success is based on being able to surprise, and that, in turn, requires that you dare to do something different.

Do not lose your appetite. Too many ideas that are perceived as innovative are still never realized. How is that? A lot is about being able to pursue an idea over time. Then rolled-up sleeves are required to fight against objections and stick to their solution even in light winds. Stubbornness may often not be associated with creativity, but for creativity to flourish, you must be able to drive – and keep the idea alive – over a long time. To push the idea forward, without letting it be distorted, requires the stubbornness of a fool.

Is your company organized for creativity?

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